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Examples of the paper mill industry

Kleentek's proposal to those involved in the paper mill industry

What problems are you having?

Equipments used in paper mill plants are under severe conditions for 24 hours in the worst environment, i.e., high temperatures, high humidity, paper dusts, water, etc. The paper mill equipments are very complex and large using a great deal of oil- once any operation is stopped, an entire production line will be stopped, and thus oil control is necessary and Essential. For stable operation of machines, the elimination of oxidation products and water is a must.

Hydraulic system problems
Hydraulic unit for the crown control deploys a few to more than ten pieces of servo valves. Accordingly since significant loss will have resulted if servo valves are failed, proactive preventative measures are indispensable. Majority of valve failures are caused by oil oxidation products, thus they must be eliminated.

Lubrication system problems
(1) Oil oxidation products clog strainers and filters causing insufficient oil supply and thus poor lubrication.
(2) Oil oxidation products might adhere to the bearing surface, increasing frictional coefficient, leading to the dangerous situation of valve sticking.
(3) Water ingression accelerates oxidative deterioration of oil and leads to rusting.

Oil control by EOC

Combining Electrostatic oil cleaner, EOC, Drain water discharger, DHS, and Dehydration filter, DH-B one can efficiently eliminate oil oxidation products and water to maintain a stable operation of equipment.