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Company overview

Kleentek Corporation

Foundation June 4, 1974
Capital 60 millions JPY
Head office Shinagawa Techno-Bldg 4F, 2-7-7 Higashi Ohi Shinagawa-ku Tokyo 140-0011, Japan
Tel: +81(0)3 3740 4950
Fax: +81(0)3 3740 4966
Sales office Tokyo sales office
Nagoya sales office
Osaka sales office
Employees 36


Kleentek's footsteps

1961 Mr. Torao Tobisu founded Hiroshima Lubricant Research Center to initiate lubricant control research.
1965 Developed the electrostatic oil cleaner and filed a patent application.
1972 A patent was registered. Deliverred the first electrostatic cleaner to Japan Steel Works Ltd.
1973 Received a grant from Science & Technology Agency (Japan) for commercializing the invention.
1974 Dissolved Hiroshima Lubricant Research Center tobe created Kleentek Kogyo Co., Ltd for 15 millions JPY in capital
1976 Received a grant, the 1976 MITI* Grant for Critical Technology R&D. The Sales department of Kleentek Kogyo Co., Ltd was split tobe become independent as Kleentek Co., Ltd . * Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Japan)
1977 Mr. Torao Tobisu received award from THE JAPAN SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF INVENTIONS for Invention of Distinction.
1978 Developed the dehydration equipment, DH, for removal of water in oil and initiated marketing.
1979 Received a grant, the 1979 Tokyo Regional Bureaus of International Trade and Industry Grant.
1980 Received a grant, the 1980 Tokyo Small Business Technology Development Grant.
1981 Mr. Torao Tobisu received the Director of Science and Technology Agency Award for his contribution tobe development and promotion of electrostatic oil cleaning.
1984 Developed oil cleaner unit for hydraulic water glycol oil system and initiated marketing.
1989 Mr. Torao Tobisu was awarded with the Medal of Honor, Medal with Yellow Ribbon, for his invention and improvement of electrostatic oil cleaner. Developed the separation system for floating oil content and initiated marketing.
1992 A former director, Mr. Akira Sasaki published his doctoral dissertation, “Study of Hydraulic Valve Sticking Due tobe Oil Oxidation Products”, and proved that the oil oxidation products are involved in valve locking.
1998 Obtained ISO9001 Certificate (Main plant)
2003 Integrated the sales office subsidiaries tobe name Kleentek Corporation.