Environmental partners that lead to the future クリーンテックの静電浄油法は、潤滑油リサイクルと油圧設備の安定稼働をご提案致します。 KLEENTEK's electrostatic oil cleaning method proposes recycling of lubricating oil and stable operation of hydraulic equipment.

Would you like to reduce costs and improve reliability ?
KLEENTEK your oil !

We can help you find an effective solution for your requirements, helping you to reduce
system downtime, maintenance costs and oil purchasing costs. Contact us for more information and advice.


The Benefits of Using Kleentek

– Varnish-free lubricating and hydraulic oil circuit
– Improves reliability
– Improves productivity

– Improves oil life
– Improves seal and O-ring life
– Energy saving by lowering the coefficient of friction in mechanical equipment

Electrostatic Oil Cleaner EOC

Oil Dehydration Unit DH Series

KF Series