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Examples of automobile field

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Teststand Example: Power-steering

① Importance of test stand and oil

Important quality control step to determine if a power-steering unit functions according to the specifications.

You would expect the following problems if contaminated oil is used for testing.
(A) Exact performance is not fully demonstrated.
(B) Malfunction may occur during testing.
(C) Because of the left-over contaminated oil after in-house test, the tested item may be returned.

② Reasons why test stand oil is contaminated.

On the test stand, both testing of a device function and cleaning of its inside are taking place simultaneously. Thus oil while testing may get a large amount of washed off contaminants.

(A) Metallic abrasion powders.
(B) Abrasives adhered in the prior step and other kinds of solid materials.
(C) Atmospheric dust powders.

③ Actual examples of oil control by EOC.

Oil name : Power steering fluid
Oil quantity : 390L
Oil cleaner : EOC-R50N

Changes of contamination rate of the test stand oil

Days before EOC treatment 4 days 11 days 30 days
Degree of contamination
27.8 0.8 0.7 0.7

④ Advantage of using EOC for oil control

・Because of the use of clean bypassed oil, no contaminants remain left in the system.
・All contaminants, regardless of their sizes, are removed, and thus the oil stays always clean.
・Costs associated with customer complaints will be nil.