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Examples of the Steel mill industry

Kleentek's proposal to those involved in the Steel mill industry

What problems are you having?

Steel mill is a typical equipment industry and are highly automated and production is consistent. Therefore even minor hydraulic problems invite not only loss of product quality but also productivity.

Explanation of where EDC is used in steel mill

① Iron mill processes

・Mud gun: Hydraulic system of a clay extruder used to plug the tap hole
・Furnace top control: Material input control hydraulic system

② Steel mill processes

・Converter lance: Hydraulic system for a device that blasts oxygen
・Continuous cast: Hydraulic system for oil level control (keeping the work horizontal)

③ Rolling process

・AGC: Automatic Gauge Control (Hydraulic system for controlling plate thickness and width, 1/100 of the thickness is controlled by the servo mechanism.)
・EPC: Edge Position Control (Hydraulic system for keeping the plate stay in the middle of the roller.)

Advantage of oil control

(1) Oil oxidation products create operational problem for solenoid valves and servo valves. Electrostatic oil cleaner, EOC, is effective method for removing them.
(2) Reducing the maintenance cost, i.e., eliminating overhaul cost of servo valves as well as replacement costs of parts and pumps)