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KF Series

What can KF do?



Utilizing multi-layer fibers of different absorbance, KF can absorb foreign materials in liquid and remove them even if they are very small in size. The fibers, with large filtering saturation, have a long cycle time of clogging. They can be used in aqueous or non-aqueous fluids. For the real cases, where oil contains significant amount of water and/or has unique properties, the electrostatic oil cleaner is hard to apply. KF is useful for such oils.

Multi-layer fibers, as shown in the right Figure, remove foreign materials in fluids.


  • Removal of mixed-in water solution from the hydraulic oil for manufacturing machines.
  • Removal of mixed-in water from the lubricant oils for compressors or vacuum pumps.
  • Removal of mixed-in sea water from hydraulic oils for marine machinery.
  • Removal of water mixed into the lubricant oils via steam used for steam engines and turbines.


Water glycol, Water-soluble cutting fluid, Cutting oil, Organic solvents and heat transfer oil


  • Remove foreign materials in liquid utilizing multi-layer fibers of different absorbance - main characteristics
  • Long cycle of clogging due to large porosity, different from filters depending on small porosities, making filtering resistance low, thus making its saturation 10 times as much as that of a traditional filter.
  • Remove even smaller dirt because of absorption-driven filtering - not relying on porosities.
  • Applicable to both water-soluble cutting fluid and cutting oil by changing types of fibers and pump specifications.

Note: We also manufacture products for handling large oil capacities, so please contact us. It is hard to manage oils with large amount of contaminants and/or the viscosity exceeding 60cst.


No. Model type Power requirement Power
Weight Applicable
1 KF-8 200V, three phase 580W 475×685×920 62 2,000L
2 KF-16 200V, three phase 580W 495×865×965 87 4,000L