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Conventional filters cannot remove sufficient oil contaminants in order to achieve the required oil cleanliness. Kleentek Electorstatic Oil Cleaner (EOC) and Dehydration units (DH) condition hydraulic oil and lubricating oil and prevent the hydraulic system failures such as valve malfunction, pump failure and oil leakage, as well as bearing wear.

Electrostatic Oil Cleaner

Electrostatic Oil Cleaners (EOC) remove contaminants like oil oxidation products to sub-micron levels and also remove deposits from system internals such as the oil reservoir and pipework.


Oil Dehydration

Oil Dehydration units remove water from oil. We manufacture two different types of oil dehydration units.


DH series are water absoption type dehydration unit. High absorbent fiber element absorbs water from oil effectively.


DH-KS series are water separation type dehydration unit. The aggregating element agglomerate emulsified water to larger droplets and water separating element separater water from oil.


Electrostatic Oil Cleaner with Dehydration unit

Electrostatic Oil Cleaner with Dehydration units (EDH) remove water and contaminants from oil. The water absorbent element absorbs water from oil before the oil flows into a cleaning chamber of EOC.

KF Unit

Utilizing multiple layered charged nonwoven fabric of different absorbance, the KF removes contaminants in fluids regardless of sizes. The KF can be used for cleaning fluids such as mineral oil, water glycol, water soluble fluid and wash oil.