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Electrostatic Oil Cleaner EOC

What can EOC do?



EOC is able to remove all of the oil-insoluble particles, whether they are made of metal, non-metal, organic, or inorganic materials.In particular, it removes oil oxidation products, primary culprits for causing malfunction of hydraulic systems. Also it is the only device capable of removing oil oxidation products that are difficult for filters to remove.

The EOC makes use of principles that the contaminants floating in oil are electrically charged and trapped by electrodes. The particulates floating in oil may be electrically classified into three types, i.e., those charged positively or negatively, or neutral one. The positively or negatively charged ones are attracted to the electrodes of opposite charges (electrophoretic migration) and neutral ones are attracted to the strong electric field generated by pleated type collector (dielectrophoretic migration).

EOC is an oil cleaner, adopting these two mechanisms simultaneously. Thus users of this type machine can get great benefits including:

The right figure shows how two mechanisms, electrophoretic and dielectrophoretic migrations, are in action simultaneously.

  • Removal of oil oxidation products, thereby enabling to maintain oil clean.
  • Improvement of productivity by reducing hydraulic problems, preventing intermittent interruptions, stabilizing cycle times, and cutting warm-up operation times.
  • Realization of keeping clean environment through prolonging lifetime of oil.
  • Realizing power savings, resulting in significant cost cut for users.

Realization of power savings/Prolonged oil life


No. Model Power
consumption (W)
L x W x H (mm)
Wight (kg)
1 EOC-R3A 200 245 x 340 x 530 20
2 EOC-R6A 200 360 x 400 x 530 28
3 EOC-R10A 270 530 x 310 x 700 40
4 EOC-R25A 320 535 x 350 x 930 57
5 EOC-R50A 760 570 x 530 x 1,060 79
6 EOC-R100A 1,000 920 x 550 x 1,070 110
7 EDH-R25N(equipped with a dehydrator) 320 795 x 400 x 990 93
EDH-R50N(equipped with a dehydrator) 760 935 x 725 x 1,100 120
EDH-R100N(equipped with a dehydrator) 1,000 1,160 x 725 x 1,100 150

Operating conditions Mineral oils excluding engine oil.

  • Oil temperature: less than 60C
  • Water content: less than 200ppm Viscosity: less than 200cst
    Standard power : 200V 3Φ 50Hz/60Hz 380-440V 3Φ
    In case for 100V 1Φ, it is priced separately.
  • For other organic solvents and fire-retardant synthetic oils, separate specifications may be applied.
  • Please consult us as different models may be selected depending on oil quantities and contamination levels.
  • The portable units for EU applications are fully CE marked.