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EDH(equipped with dehydrator function)Series

It has a function of EDC for eliminating micro level sludge through electrophoretic and dielectophoretic migrations, as well as the ability of removing water mixed in the oil.

Water removal is based on water absorption type for the standard series.
[ For removing water in the oil, a separation unit, a vacuum dehydrator, etc are available. Please consult with our sales department. ]

EDH-R100N (all equipped with dehydrator function)

EDH-R100N (all equipped with dehydrator function)



  1. When there exists a possible chance for oil migrating into the oil circuit
  2. When water infiltrated due to water cooler malfunction, or needed to eliminate water and contaminants.
  3. Built-in type (Note: please contact us for portable application)
  4. Oil quantity (general hydraulic unit)
    - EDH-R25 2,500L (general hydraulic unit)
    - EDH-R50N 5,000L (general hydraulic unit)
    - EDH-R100N 10,000L (general hydraulic unit)
  5. Energy saving type
  6. Simple maintenance

Applicable oils

All the mineral oils except for engine oil Fire retardant synthetic hydraulic oil, organic solvents, others.



L x W x H(mm) 795 x 400 x 990
Power consumption 320W
Weight 93kg
Power voltage 200V 50/60Hz


L x W x H(mm) 935 x 725 x 1,100
Power consumption 760W
Weight 120kg
Power voltage 200V 50/60Hz


L x W x H(mm) 1,160 x 725 x 1,100
Power consumption 1,000W
Weight 150kg
Power voltage 200V 50/60Hz