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DH series

Efficiently remove water content from oil. increase the equipment availability factor.

Water-separation type

The aggregating elements made of a specialty material convert emulsified water to larger droplets followed by formation of a water curtain by the separating elements, and the water thus isolated precipitate out to separate. This type of unit is used when water is contained over 2000ppm or constantly entering, and removes water down to 1000ppm.



Problem caused by water ingression

  1. Initiate rusts
  2. Accelerate oxidation reactions of oils because of rusts acting as media.
  3. Induce locking or the likes due to presence of emulsified oil


  • Removal of the water mixed in the hydraulic oil
  • Removal of the water mixed in the lubricant oil for compressors or vacuum pumps
  • Removal of water mixed in the lubricant oil in turbines.

Water constantly mixed in, however small, will accumulate to a large extent without being aware. DH-KS performs best for such cases.



L x W x H(mm) 200 x 300 x 640
Weight 27kg
Oil quantity 400L
Applicable water content < 10%


  • Units handling a larger amount of oil are also available. Please contact us.
  • It is difficult to treat when oil viscosity exceeds 60 cst or oil contains a large amount of contaminants.


The unit will be able to handle over 400L of oil. Please contact our Sales Department.