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Examples of automobile field

Kleentek's proposal to those involved in automobiles

What problems are you having?
●Expected performance cannot be attained.
●Malfunctions occur while testing.

Teststand Example: Power-steering

Importance of test stand and oil

Important quality control step to determine if a power-steering unit functions according to the specifications.

You would expect the following problems if contaminated oil is used for testing.

  • Exact performance is not fully demonstrated.
  • Malfunction may occur during testing.
  • Because of the left-over contaminated oil after in-house test, the tested item may be returned.

Reasons why test stand oil is contaminated.

On the test stand, both testing of a device function and cleaning of its inside are taking place simultaneously. Thus oil while testing may get a large amount of washed off contaminants.


  • Metallic abrasion powders.
  • Abrasives adhered in the prior step and other kinds of solid materials.
  • Atmospheric dust powders.

Actual examples of oil control by EOC.

Oil name : Power steering fluid
Oil quantity : 390L
Oil cleaner : EOC-R50N

  • Changes of contamination rate of the test stand oil
Days before EOC treatment 4 days 11 days 30 days
Degree of contamination
27.8 0.8 0.7 0.7

Advantage of using EOC for oil control

  • Because of the use of clean bypassed oil, no contaminants remain left in the system.
  • All contaminants, regardless of their sizes, are removed, and thus the oil stays always clean.
  • Costs associated with customer complaints will be nil.